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Beef Special Purpose Feeds:

South Dakota 1.0 MGA:
South Dakota 1.0 MGA can be used to synchronize females or can be used to suppress estrus in feedlot heifers. It is in pellet form and feeding 0.5 lbs per head per day will deliver the proper 0.5 mg per head per day of MGA. If being used for synchronization, feed for 14 days. For estrus suppression feed continuously until cattle are finished. It should be fed as part of a complete diet.

SAFEGUARD Cattle Dewormer:
This product can be used upon arrival to deworm cattle or can also be used in pasture. SAFEGUARD Cattle Dewormer contains fenbendazole to control a large array of worms. It should be fed a rate of 0.1 lbs per 100 lbs of bodyweight. Feed with the complete ration for one day.

Optaflexx Add-Pack:
Optaflexx is a Type-A Beta-Agonist that when fed in a complete ration for the last 28-42 days of the finishing period will:
  • Improve live weight gain and hot carcass weight
  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Not require withdrawal when fed according to instructions
Our Optaflexx Add-Pack is a meal product that is to be mixed in a complete ration at a rate of 0.1 lbs per head per day to provide 200 mg of ractopamine hydrochloride per head.

Optaflexx Top-Dress:
Optaflexx Top-Dress will have the same impact as the Optaflexx Add-Pack but is in a pellet form and can be top-dressed at a rate of 1.0 lb per head per day to provide 200 mg of ractopamine hydrochloride per head. This product is designed for situations where a TMR mixer is not available for mixing.

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