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Rein & Saddle Fuels Horses of All Types
Rein & Saddle Users:


Ames Percheron Farm
Travis Shaw – Manager and Trainer

“The Ames Percherons are the equine ambassadors for Ames Construction, Inc. Ames Percheron Farm is home to approximately 30 percherons consisting of geldings in training, a stallion, a small group of broodmares and their offspring. We compete across the United States and Canada in the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series as well as in breed specific hitch and halter classes.
We began feeding the Rein and Saddle program in 2007. The CoolMax products make it easier for us to maintain excellent body conditions on our athletes with much lower feeding rates than other feeds allowed. We believe the nutrition that CoolMax provides, helps our horses stay healthy and gives them the energy to be at the top of their game. We are very pleased with the high quality products and service that Big Gain consistently delivers.”

Sue Ahlgren
Blue Shadow Arena

"I have been using Rein & Saddle since it came out. I love the fact that that it was heated so the mold factor was not an issue. I like the consistancy of it as well as high fat content without the sugar."

"My horses get a break in the winter, but I begin fitting them in March,start competiting in April, and continue showing them until November. By the time the big shows start, end of July or beginning of August, they are starting to get tired. So, fat level in their feed is very important to me to make sure they are keeping their energy levels up for a long season. Rein & Saddle keeps them running fantastic the whole time."

Teri Spence
Seven Mile Farm

"SEVEN MILE FARM proudly recommends REIN & SADDLE Horse Feed. Seven Mile Farm feeds Rein & Saddle Horse Feed to all of our horses. It is formulated to encompass all of our horses' needs from producers to performers. We attribute the excellent health of our horses, from their beautiful coat to excellent condition, to our feed program on Rein & Saddle."
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