Introducing BeefBooks

Modern Day Decision Making Tool for Modern Day Cattle Feeding

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3 Systems in One

From profit projection to the closeout, an all-in-one system for managing your cattle feeding enterprise with no cost to use and minimal hardware requirements.

Bunk Management

Optimize feedlot performance by making feeding decisions with real-time information

Ration Management

Ration Management

Ensure ration accuracy with your advisors input & record actual ingredient usage

Feedlot Accounting


Feedlot performance in real-time, while meeting your feedlots accounting needs

At the Desk or On the Go

BeefBooks - On the Move or in the Office
Load Mixer - iPad App

Load Mixer view on the iPad app

Bunk Reading - iPad App

Bunk Reading view on the iPad app

Why BeefBooks

(a no cost service from Big Gain)

Beef production is full of decisions. When to buy? When to sell? What to feed? When to feed? With BeefBooks we've built an all in one system that quickly and efficiently answers those questions for you.

Easily Integrates into any Feedlot  

System is designed to meet the needs of any size feedlot.

Minimal Hardware Expense 

With Internet access and a device such as an iPad or PC you're ready to get started.

Designed to suit the needs of the Upper Midwestern Feedlot 

A system built for cattle feeders by cattle feeders

Shareable Information Available Instantly

Easily share information with lenders, accountants, investors & feedlot customers

One System for Everything

With BeefBooks there is no need to purchase, setup, and learn three systems. Everything you need is in BeefBooks.

Tightly Integrated iPad App.

Have all the data you need at your fingertips and on the move with our BeefBooks iPad app.

Real-Time Performance History

Benchmark your feedlot & groups from anywhere in real-time. Quickly review daily feed deliveries, financial, and performance information - including historical data

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